About Hemingway Hijacker

Hi there! My name is Jayden Smith and this is my blog. I am still a college student who is majoring in Physics. A few years ago when I was a school student interested in science I realized there was no proper source of information about science and technology. There is actually no source which is trustworthy and provides readers with relevant, up-to-date data in a way that makes you curious and eager to learn more. I discussed this problem with my teachers and friends and they encouraged me to write my own blog which would be worth reading. So, here I am.

So, let`s outline shortly what this blog is about. First, here you will find news about the latest inventions and discoveries from the world of science. Surely, I will post experts` opinions and thoughts with detailed explanations for those readers who feel that they need a little more knowledge to understand the meaning of some discoveries wholly. And last but not least, I am addicted to various theories of the future. I am in anticipation of what tomorrow might hold for us. Of course, I am not going to make you believe in all these fantasies but from time to time, I will describe the boldest dreams as well. Where would we be without dreamers? So, fasten your seatbelts, we`re starting.