FAQ about Science and Technologies

1) How did you happen to be fond of science?

I become interested in Physics thanks to my grandfather. He was an astrophysicist and even worked for NASA for some time. He used to bring a lot of books on Astronomy and Physics and we read them together in the evening. He also helped me do my homework and we often strolled in the park looking at stars and constellations, he taught me a lot of things which I need now every day at work. Besides, I was a very diligent kid who liked reading more than playing outside with other children. I`ve got a large collection of encyclopediae at home and hope one day they will come in handy for my own kids.

2) What inspires you to write?

I cannot say that I need a source of inspiration to make myself work on the blog. I am just truly interested in what I am doing and look forward to sharing something new and important with my readers. In general, I may draw inspiration from music and I also play the guitar when I have time. It just helps me to relax.

3) What is your opinion on using technology in education?

Are there people who oppose it? Taking into account, the technology is used in all the spheres of life today it would be strange not to apply to it in studying. How students are supposed to turn into professionals in the future if they know nothing about the world order and how things work. That`s not the approach our education system needs.

4) Scientists and TV. Is it possible to promote science using this channel of information?

I suppose you were asking this question while keeping in mind Neil deGrasse Tyson? To my mind, science and TV/internet/social networks can perfectly coexist. Moreover, that`s a perfect way to make people more interested in science. They use familiar channels of information but to get something absolutely new for them. And Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most gifted scientists today who can explain difficult things using simple words.