How Google Humanizes Technology in the Workplace, and You, Can Too

Different situations in the workplace require different forms of communication to ensure that required levels of efficiency and effectiveness are met. Managers using one form of communication for all their interactions and needs with employees will, therefore, hinder their ability to communicate effectively. Strong working relationships in the workplace are heavily dependent on timely, complete, relevant, and quality communication. A manager who adopts one form of communication for all his or her interactions with employees will most likely miss out on some of the four characteristics required. A manager, who for instance, uses emails as the only form of communication cannot communicate to employees about a change in strategy in a complete and timely manner. Communicating to employees about a change of strategy requires a face to face interaction where the manager can gauge employees’ attitudes towards the changes and at the same time answer any questions they have.

The human interaction element is an inherent feature of effective communication. The managers at Google appreciate the fact and make themselves available for weekly live brief to all employees. The main advantage of the practice is the higher relevance and ability to remember issues discussed. The live interactions create a lasting impression on the employees’ minds thereby enhancing effectiveness. The live interaction also establishes stronger working bonds in the workplace. A personal connection for a manger overseeing over a thousand employees is practically impossible. However, video conferencing creates a sense of familiarity and keen managers can identify some of their employees with a relative ease. The major disadvantage of the live conference is the inconvenience it creates for some employees especially given the time differences. Google is a global company with offices in various locations across the globe. A live video conference will be an inconvenience to some as the time in their location will not be within office hours.

A Segmentor employee is one who has a clear sense of boundary between work and personal life. Such an employee will finish all work related tasks within the working hours and not engage in any other work related activities beyond working hours. Integrator employee, on the other hand, have no established boundary between working life and their personal life. Such employees will engage in their work way past their working hours. Personally, am more of an Integrator, despite my efforts to be a Segmentor.

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