How to Write an Essay on “How Technology Has Changed Our Lives”

Essay writing gives most students a lot of headaches. When you don’t have a natural inclination for writing, it can be difficult to find the right words to express what you think. However, the writing process becomes easier when you know the exact steps you should follow. This is specifically why in this article we will concentrate on the main tips you should follow for writing a successful essay on how technology has changed our lives. We will outline the main practices you should follow.

Find Your Writing Angle

This is a topic that can be approached from different angles. That is to say, you can provoke your creativity and try to get a fresh viewpoint of the topic. Most teachers appreciate students that want to imprint their own viewpoints on their papers. Now, in the case in which you find it difficult to find your creative side, then, perhaps it could be a good starting point to pay someone to write my paper, which can guide you, at the incipient phase of the writing, at the very least.

Once you have pinpointed the viewpoint you want to present in the essay, the main ideas, you can proceed with the next steps. One thing you should bear in mind, though, granted that you want to construct an argumentative essay, note a distinction. Writing an argumentative essay doesn’t entail convincing the reader of your opinion. It actually means that you should present the reasons why you think the way you do. Your goal is to outline the ideas in a way that makes sense.

Do Your Research

Furthermore, your essay should be informative. Considering that we’re talking about an academic paper, most likely a paper for which you will be graded, it has to include accurate, correct information. This is where research comes in.

Doing research is the one thing that shouldn’t miss whenever you’re writing an academic paper, regardless of the topic you intend to approach. In regard to this particular topic – namely technology, you have to analyze actual facts in the light of technological advancements, and the way in which society has changed over the course of time.

Note that skipping this step isn’t something you should do. It might save you some time, but, eventually, the papers that are well-researched are always better. Your mission is to outline the things you’ve found out in a different light, pointing out your personal opinion.

Structure Your Essay

Did you ever realize the importance of writing something that has a correct structure? In fact, you might consider making an experiment yourself. Try to read a text that is in bulk, without any specific paragraphs or anything of the kind. Do you find it easy to read? Are the ideas easy to grasp and follow? On the opposite side, try to read a text in which each idea is supported by arguments, whereas the arguments are presented in a logical order that makes sense.

With that said, the essay should be divided into three major categories, introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should point out the thesis, namely what you plan to demonstrate in the body, as well as how you want to accomplish that. Obviously, the body consists of several paragraphs that support your opinions, whereas the conclusion should highlight that you’ve achieved what you planned.


Even if you will most likely use the ideas you stumble across during researching, you should also use this time to brainstorm your own ideas. In other words, you should determine how you personally think regarding specific information you come across as you do research. Write all your ideas down. The odds are you won’t use them all, but they will help you to add the personal element in the writing so that your essay is well-received and appreciated by your teacher.

The thing is that most students, when asked to write an essay, in most cases, will choose to write about what is expected of them to write, instead of trying to determine what they think. But, trust us, it’s always best to find out what is your personal opinion. That’s one of the purposes of writing, to develop one’s critical think, allowing one to analyze things from a different perspective, in a personal way. Critical thinking will turn out to be helpful in all aspects of life – it is a valuable tool.

We are hopeful that our tips on how to write an essay on the topic of technology will help you out. Remember, even if the essay doesn’t turn out exactly as you’d expected it to from the first try, you should keep editing it until it takes the form you want. You will get there – which is why you shouldn’t leave the writing till the last minute.

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